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Why this pergola

And not another?

It seems important to clarify this point.
My career in the field of marble powder began 21 years ago. It all started as a hobby, but soon evolved to become an actual career, with an array of achievements that caught the attention of an ever growing clientele.
One day, as I was working on a project in Lebanon, I was struck by the fact that all outdoor wood works, such as pergolas, did not support the weather elements nor adapt to the countries’ climate, not to mention the serious and costly maintenance problems.
I had then the idea of making an imitation of wood using the marble powder. It was a total success! For eight years now I’ve been perfecting my innovation, until I obtained the patent of this wood imitation, so difficult to tell apart from the real one.



  • Being made out of marble powder, it is completely waterproof and resistant to natural phenomena, including the most violent weathers.
  • Do not require maintenance and is guaranteed for a very long period of time.
  • By avoiding cutting down trees, it helps to preserve the environment.
  • The recycling of marble powder, excludes the possibility of it being disposed of into the nature.
  • Due to its versatility, it can be produced in any color, shape and texture, without losing its resemblance to the wood.
  • Its quality and degree of resistance to high temperatures are certified (Enclosed laboratory analysis from Sana Engineers).